• Weighing the Facts about DIY Scaling
    The dental section of your local drugstore or favorite online site offers more dental tools for home care than ever before. Little angled mirrors. Tongue scrapers. Gum stimulators. Interproximal brushes. Read more
  • The Benefits Of CEREC Restorations
    Dental restorations are very important to maintaining your dental health. They allow for your dentist to eliminate decay and to protect your tooth, restoring your bite and the appearance of Read more
  • How Dental Implants Work
    Curious if dental implants may improve the look of your smile? Dental implants are a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can benefit people with gapped or missing teeth, including improved appearance Read more
  • Satisfying a Sweet Tooth
    Time for some sweet talk! Many studies have been done to figure out why we enjoy sugar so much. Is it brain chemistry? Is it blood sugar getting a bit Read more
  • Teeth Whitening For a Bright Summer
    Summer brings sunshine and warm weather, and many of our patients begin thinking about brightening their smiles this time of year. A whiter smile is one just one visit away Read more
  • Happy Fourth of July
    Every year, Americans all over the world celebrate the birth of the country and its independence on the Fourth of July. There are countless ways that people celebrate and they Read more
  • The Effects of Biting Your Nails
    Also known as onchophagia, the habit of nail biting is one of the so-called “nervous habits” that can be triggered by stress, excitement, or boredom. Approximately half of all kids Read more
  • When Snoring Becomes More Than Just Annoying
    Snoring occurs when the tissues in the throat relax enough to block part of our airways, or physical conditions such as enlarged tonsils or a deviated septum prevent air from Read more
  • The Benefits Of Tooth Colored Fillings
    Modern dental techniques offer new creative restorative methods to produce pleasing, natural-looking smiles. If you are in the St. Louis, MO, area, our skilled dentists located in St. Ann, MO, Read more
  • What To Know About Wisdom Teeth
    Are your wisdom teeth bothering you? Your dentists in St. Louis, MO, Drs. Jeffery and Jodi Johnson can extract the teeth, ending your pain. A little information about wisdom teeth Do you Read more
  • Restorative Dentistry and You
    Restorative dentistry encompasses dental procedures and treatments to restore or replace teeth that are damaged or lost. Dental fillings, dental crowns, dentures, bridges, and dental implants are some of the Read more
  • Reasons You Might Need a Dental Crown
    You might have had an exam and heard the dentist say that you might need a crown to restore or protect your teeth. Maybe you didn’t understand all the details Read more
  • Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants
    Wondering why dental implants have become such a popular tooth replacement treatment? Chances are good that you’ve heard about dental implants. Of course, if you aren’t missing a permanent tooth Read more
  • What Can I Do About My Tooth Pain?
    How your dentists in St. Louis, MO, can help you get relief from tooth pain If you have tooth pain, it can be difficult to think of anything else. Fortunately, your Read more
  • Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants
    Implant dentistry could give you back a full, confident smile. Find out how... Tooth loss can happen to anyone, no matter their age. While we often associate tooth loss with older Read more
  • The Importance Of Regular Dental Visits
    Do you remember the last time you visited the dentist for a routine cleaning? Visiting your dentist for routine checkups is important if you want to maintain good oral hygiene. Read more

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