Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?
By Jeffery J. Johnson & Jodi B. Johnson DDS
July 05, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: wisdom teeth  

Do you need your wisdom teeth removed? Although removal isn't always necessary, it may be recommended if you have pain or other Wisdom Teethsymptoms. Your St. Louis, MO, dentists, Drs. Jeffery and Jodi Johnson, offer wisdom tooth extraction and other services and procedures that keep your smile healthy.


Reasons to remove your wisdom teeth

Your St. Louis dentist may recommend wisdom tooth removal if:

  • The Teeth Are Impacted: In theory, having a third set of molars (wisdom teeth) is a great idea. Unfortunately, many people just don't have enough room in their mouths for four extra teeth. Wisdom teeth can become fully or partially impacted. Impaction occurs when the teeth are partially or fully blocked by tissue and bone and can't erupt normally.
  • You're in Pain: Partially or fully impacted pain can cause considerable pain and pressure as they try to push through tissue and bone.
  • You're At Risk for Nerve Damage: Nerve damage is a possibility if a wisdom tooth constantly presses against a nerve. You may experience numbness, tingling or pain in your face for years if a nerve is damaged. Removing the tooth promptly can help prevent this issue.
  • You're Concerned About Your Other Teeth: When there's not enough room in your mouth, wisdom teeth grow in at odd angles. The teeth can overlap your other teeth or push them out of alignment. If you've worn braces for years or straightened your teeth with clear aligners, you probably don't want to risk any change to the appearance of your smile. Removing your wisdom teeth before they cause problems can help you avoid crooked teeth.
  • You've Had an Infection or Cyst: Cysts and infections can be a problem when your wisdom teeth need to be extracted.
  • Your Teeth Are Decayed: Fully or partially erupted wisdom teeth may be more likely to develop decay than other teeth. If the teeth erupted normally, they can be extracted fairly easily. Partially erupted teeth will require minor oral surgery.

Protect your smile with wisdom tooth removal! call your St. Louis, MO, dentists, Drs. Jeffery and Jodi Johnson, at (314) 427-7400 to schedule an appointment.