The Facts About CEREC Dental Crowns
By Jeffrey J. Johnson & Jodi B. Johnson, DDS
December 29, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures

CEREC Dental CrownsRestoring your smile is easy when it can be done in a single visit.

Whether your tooth has been damaged by severe decay or a traumatic accident, one thing is certain: you want to find a treatment that can restore your tooth’s proper function and aesthetic appeal. A cracked or damaged tooth doesn’t make for a confident smile, and restorative dentistry in St. Louis offers CEREC dental crowns to bring your tooth back to life.
So what are CEREC dental crowns? CEREC technology consists of a camera, computer and milling machine used for fabricating your dental crown. With the use of CAD/CAM technology, your dentist can quickly design and create a crown that will look and feel just like the rest of your smile.
Interested in finding out more about this restorative technology? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some facts about CEREC dental crowns that perhaps you didn’t know:

  • While this treatment is new and revolutionary, the CEREC software has actually helped dentists for over 30 years. From creating digital impressions of your smile to virtual models, CEREC technology has been a leader within restorative dentistry.
  • Standard dental crowns usually take two separate visits to complete, but with CEREC technology, you can get your permanent crown in just one visit. This same efficient feature can be used for placing dental implants, as well. The CEREC technology designs the dental implant’s crown all while you’re in the dental chair.
  • A digital 2D photo of your gorgeous face can be uploaded into the software to produce a 3D image that will allow you and your dentist to preview what your final smile will look like before your procedure.
  • Worried about aesthetics? Now you don’t have to. CEREC technology mimics the look of a natural tooth right down to the shading and translucency. The CAD/CAM technology also ensures that the unique rigging and contouring that you find in a natural tooth can also be applied to your dental crown.
  • CEREC has restored over 28 million teeth, is backed by over 250 scientific studies and has a long-term success rate of 95 percent.

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