Restorative Dentistry Makes Your Smile Like New Again
By Jeffery J. Johnson & Jodi B. Johnson DDS
May 07, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

If your teeth are worn or damaged, your dentist may suggest a restorative dentistry treatment plan to hash out the issues with your smile Regular_Dentistand correct them to give you a beautiful, functional grin. However, understanding restorative dentistry and the ins-and-outs of its procedures is crucial to making an informed decision when it comes to your dental health. Find out more about restorative dentistry with Dr. Jeffery Johnson and Dr. Jodi Johnson in St. Louis, MO.

What is a restorative dentist?
Restoration dentistry focuses mainly on the function of your smile and aims to take your broken, worn, or damaged teeth and allow them to work correctly once again. A restorative dentist has extensive post-schooling training in this facet of dentistry and often undergoes ongoing education on the subject.

Can restorative dentistry help me?
Restorative dentistry can achieve many goals in various situations. If you have a broken tooth, a dental restoration such as a crown can cover the tooth to protect it against daily use and ensure that it remains intact. A restoration can also help in the case of a missing tooth. A dental bridge fills the gap and is held in place by a crown on either side. The crowns attach permanently to the healthy teeth around the gap.

Restorative dentistry from our St. Louis office
A restorative dental procedure can increase the functionality of your smile while simultaneously improving its look. A restoration changes the appearance of a tooth and is customized to fit seamlessly into your smile. This allows you to correct slight imperfections, fill in a gap, or otherwise improve your smile’s aesthetic appearance to feel great about the way you look.

Don’t hesitate to increase your smile’s functionality (and your self-esteem) with restorative dental procedures to help you get a look you love. Find out more about restorative dentistry with Dr. Jeffery Johnson and Dr. Jodi Johnson in St. Louis, MO. Call (314) 427-7400 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!