How Dental Implants Work
By Jeffery J. Johnson & Jodi B. Johnson DDS
January 29, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Discover the inner workings that make dental implants a successful tooth loss treatment.

Are you missing one or several natural teeth? Are you looking for a treatment option that could promise a long-term solution for your tooth loss? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here in St. Louis we offer implant dentistry to those who are looking to Dental Implantsregain a full smile after tooth loss. Over three million people already have dental implants and about 500,000 more patients opt for dental implants each year. If you want to become part of this growing statistic here is everything you need to know about how dental implants work.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant consists of a tiny cylindrical metal post that is carefully placed into the jawbone. The implant is usually made from titanium. On top of the implant your St. Louis dentist will place an abutment. This metal connector sits on top of the implant and connects it to the artificial replacement tooth.

How does a dental implant work?

Since an implant mimics a real tooth’s root, it is a permanent fixture within your mouth. A naturally occurring process known as osseointegration makes this possible. When we surgically implant the titanium screw into the missing tooth’s socket, then allow your mouth several weeks to heal, the bones and tissue begin to grow and fuse around the metal. Once this process is complete, the implant will be a sturdy, permanent piece within your mouth.

What happens after osseointegration?

Once the healing process is over (which takes a couple months) we will open up the gums and attach the abutment, or connector piece, to the top of the implant. Once this occurs several more weeks of healing will be necessary. The finally step is attaching the dental crown onto the abutment to replace your missing tooth and to restore your smile.

Who should consider getting dental implants?

A lot of factors go into making someone an ideal candidate for getting dental implants in St. Louis. Here are some things to consider:

  • You should have both good general and oral health
  • You shouldn’t have untreated gum disease or decay
  • You shouldn’t have uncontrolled health conditions like diabetes
  • You shouldn’t be undergoing chemotherapy or cancer therapy
  • You shouldn’t have a compromised immune system
  • You should be an adult
  • You should be a non-smoker (smokers have a significantly higher implant failure rate than non-smokers)

To find out whether dental implants are right for you, then schedule a consultation with your St. Louis dentist, Dr. JJ Johnson. During your initial consultation we will examine your smile and make sure implants are right for you. Let us give you your dream smile!