Dental Crowns Restore Strength
By Drs. Jeffrey and Jodi Johnson
March 30, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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A damaged tooth needs some help to remain strong. Turn to dental crowns for support.

Before modern dentistry it wasn’t surprising for a damaged tooth to just be extracted. Fortunately, your St. Louis, MO dentists Drs. Jeffrey Crownsand Jodi Johnson have amazing restorative technology that allows them to restore broken or damaged teeth in a much simpler way: with a dental crown.

About Dental Crowns

Your St. Louis, MO cosmetic dentist may recommend getting a dental crown if an existing tooth has become weak or damaged by decay, infection or direct trauma. Crowns are placed completely over the tooth to provide strength, stability and support to the overall structure. Crowns can also improve the shape, color and size of a tooth, making it more attractive. A crown is designed to look just like the crown of a tooth so when it’s placed it will look just like the rest of your smile.

Types of Crowns

While all crowns are designed with the same purpose in mind, there are different materials to choose from. When you come in for a consultation we will be able to determine which type of crown is right for you. Porcelain or ceramic crowns are often most popular because they are strong but also most resemble real teeth. Crowns made from silver, gold or other metals look less like natural teeth but are more durable and won’t fracture.

Placing a Crown

Before one of our St. Louis, MO restorative dentists place the crown we will first need to prepare the tooth. This means filing down some enamel to make room for the new restoration. Once the tooth is prepared we will take impressions of your smile to send to a lab, where they will then make your custom crown. While you are waiting for your crown to be made we will put a temporary one on the tooth to protect it.

Once the crown is ready you will come back into our office where we will remove the temporary crown and cement the new crown into place.

Dealing with a damaged tooth that is in desperate need of a dental crown? What are you waiting for? Turn to the dental experts in St. Louis, MO, Drs. Jeffrey and Jodi Johnson, for a healthier smile in no time.