CEREC Technology & Restorations: The New Convenience in Denitstry
By Jeffery J. Johnson & Jodi B. Johnson DDS
June 09, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures

CEREC Technology and Restorations: The New Convenience in Dentistry

Dr. Jeffery Johnson is offering CEREC technology and its benefits to the St. Louis area. The world as we know it is changing everyday, and that goes for dental technology also. Dental technology is becoming more efficient and effective for patient care. CEREC is a dental technology that aids patients to get through dental work quickly and with minimal effort. It’s a state-of-the-art technology that is offered here at Jeffrey J Johnson and Jodi B Johnson General Family Dental Practice. 

CEREC Technology: What is it exactly?

CEREC stands for Ceramic REConstruction. This system enables our Dr.’s to utilize a 3D photo as well as computer-aided drafting and manufacturing to assist in cosmetic dentistry practices.
Rather than making molds of your teeth to cast and shape crowns, bridges, dental implants or veneers, our Dr.’s can use CEREC to photograph your dental structure and create a 3D digital model from the images. With the photo information, a custom porcelain tooth is restored and created.
Restorative dentistry can also fix cracked, broken or missing teeth. CEREC technology can also be utilized for “instant orthodontics.” This process uses porcelain veneers to mask aligned teeth to give you a more perfect smile in a short time span.

The Benefits of CEREC Technology

We feel that the benefits of CEREC technology have many advantages. These benefits include:
  • Fast Results – CEREC technology can make your dental visits quick and time saving. Past restorative dentistry took numerous visits through taking impressions, casting a mold, producing the crown or bridge, and fitting the dental piece.
  • Quality Results – Because of the confidence in digital imaging, we believe that CEREC is able to generate dental prosthetics that fit patients to a T.
  • Permanent Results – Old dental processes required the patient to wait out the procedure with a temporary crown. They hardly ever fit perfectly and more of a hassle than a relief. CEREC is able to generate the patients a high-quality custom dental piece almost immediately, which eliminates the use of a temporary crown. Patients can be done and out the door with their newly improved mouth the very same day.
If you believe the technology of CEREC sounds perfect and beneficial for your dental needs, contact us today to talk to our certified dentists for more information, or for a consultation.