What To Know About Wisdom Teeth

What To Know About Wisdom Teeth

Are your wisdom teeth bothering you? Your dentists in St. Louis, MO, Drs. Jeffery and Jodi Johnson can extract the teeth, ending your pain.

A little information about wisdom teeth

Do you know these facts about wisdom teeth?

  • Wisdom teeth helped our ancestors enjoy some strange meals: Early man survived on a diet of tree bark, roots, and other tough foods. Although tree bark may not sound very appetizing today, it gave our ancestors the nutrients they needed to fight off predators and survive harsh conditions. Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that helped people chew and grind food easily. As the human diet changed over time, our jaws gradually became smaller, leaving less room for wisdom teeth.
  • The teeth don't actually have anything to do with wisdom: The molars are called "wisdom" teeth because they typically appear in your late teens at a time when you're hopefully becoming a little wiser and more mature.
  • Some people never need to have their wisdom teeth extracted: Some lucky people still have plenty of room in their jaws for the teeth to erupt naturally. If your erupted wisdom teeth are in good condition, you'll get to enjoy a bonus set of molars.
  • Extraction is needed when the teeth are fully or partially impacted: You may need to have your wisdom teeth removed if they're completely or partially blocked by gum tissue and bone. Despite the lack of room in your mouth, the molars will still try to erupt, causing pain. In some cases, partially or fully impacted teeth may also cause nerve damage, swollen gums, cysts, or tooth decay, or might change the alignment of your teeth. During a visit to the St. Louis dental office, your dentist will let you know if your wisdom teeth are impacted.
  • Wisdom tooth extraction ends your pain: During wisdom tooth surgery, your dentist cuts through bone and tissue to reach partially or fully impacted wisdom teeth. Before the procedure begins, you'll receive anesthesia to ensure that you don't feel a thing. Once the bone and tissue are out of the way, the teeth are broken into smaller pieces and removed. Extracting the teeth eliminates pain and other wisdom teeth issues.
  • You'll need to change your diet temporarily after wisdom tooth extraction: You'll be restricted to liquids for the first day and can then begin enjoying soft foods. After about a week, you'll probably be able to eat all of the foods you usually eat.

Are you struggling with wisdom tooth pain? Call your St. Louis, MO, dentists, Drs. Jeffery and Jodi Johnson, at (314) 427-7400 to schedule your appointment.

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